The 'Master Pan' Lets You Cook a Full Meal Without The Added Mess

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: blessthisstuff
If you love cooking but hate the mess that comes with it, then the 'Master Pan' is the perfect kitchen accessory for you.

This non-stick metal frying pan is available in the U.K. and boasts a multi-sectional design that allows the user to cook several different dishes at once while keeping each separated from the another. The design of the 'Master Pan' also ensures that its hottest part features a grilled pattern for meats while dishes that require less heat are kept at a lower temperature on the sides. Users of the kitchen accessory will also save burner space on their stove by only using one pan to cook their entire meal.

The heavy metal bottom of this handy cooking tool also helps to retain heat for an even cooking temperature and once you finish preparing your dish, you'll only have one easy to clean pan to worry about.