This Defrosting Tray Can Unfreeze Food Without Using Electricity

 - Sep 11, 2015
References: coolthingstobuyfor & coolest-gadgets
This natural defrosting tray by Imperial Home drastically cuts down one's cooking time and ensures one no longer has to wait around for frozen food to defrost.

The 'Fast Defrosting Tray' doesn't rely on any electricity or water to unfreeze anything one wishes to prepare. Using a thermal conductive material, the tray naturally speeds up the defrosting process while still fully retaining all the flavor found within the dish.

With this defrosting tray, users can avoid other defrosting methods like using a microwave that can often be harmful to food items. Rubber feet on the bottom of the tray also help to keep it from slipping and grooves on its top surface help catch any drippings that may occur during the defrosting process.