This App Makes the Process of Taking a Makeup Selfie Easy

 - Aug 26, 2015
Have you ever wished that you didn't need to do anything to your face to get a flawless makeup selfie picture? There are photo-editing apps for this purpose, but even that gets irritating sometimes. What if you're just somebody who can't really draw the perfect eyebrow, or who is ticklish at the touch of an eyeliner?

Meet Makeup Plus, an app from the makers of the handy photo-editing app Meitu. It is an app that analyzes your face after you take a picture and applies makeup to your face in the photo. The results are surprisingly realistic.

You can apply natural looking makeup to your face with just one button. You can also choose a "superstar" look, add a moustache, or put on an eye-rolling face. This may very well be the next phase of the selfies -- makeup selfies.