The Phase One iXU 180 is a Block-Shaped Compact Drone Camera

 - Apr 2, 2015
References: industrial.phaseone & gizmag
The Phase One iXU 180 is a medium format drone camera that is claimed to be the world's smallest. This camera is aimed at gyrocopter and ultralight drone users such as aerial mappers, arctic researchers and coastal surveillance workers, rather than typical recreational quadcopter enthusiasts. This camera's compactness comes from a block body that is barely any wider than the lens.

The camera captures images in RAW, JPEG and TIFF formats, with images being saved to a CompactFlash media card. Integrated GPS and USB 3.0 -- in addition to camera trigger interfaces -- add to convenience and open up interesting interactive use possibilities. The camera is also hardy and can withstand humidity of up to 80%.

The Phase One iXU 180's specs -- and its $60,000 price tag -- make it a camera designed for industrial use, with its light weight making it a suitable payload for drones.