These Moody Graphic Posters Mimic the Style of the Music They Advertise

 - Nov 3, 2015
References: jimbobarbu & itsnicethat
These graphic club posters are moody and stylish, using different media to visually replicate the style of the music they promote.

The club posters are the work of Jimbo Barbu, a Parisian graphic designer. Advertising club nights, shows and dance events, the posters range from subtle typographic experiments to fluorescent neon graphics without losing a sense of dark sophistication. The variety of media and techniques utilized is impressive. In one poster, Barbu even turns to collage, fashioning the title of the event out of magazine print.

These club posters are an excellent example of effective print advertising. They visually convey the tone of their product, impressing upon the viewer the feeling of the nightclub they represent, whether that be an upbeat dance hall or a smoky lounge.