These Minimalist Black Mirror Posters Highlight Each Episode's Theme

 - Nov 22, 2016
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With Netflix re-hatching the British drama, viewers have become entranced with the surreal plot lines of the series, resulting in much conversation and even original artist renditions like these unique Black Mirror posters by Rafael Barletta.

Creating a total of six different Black Mirror posters, the Brazilian artist imagines the scenes in an especially surreal form. He does so by making use of highly simplistic illustrations -- with abstract structures and faceless characters included in the images.

This helps to convey the sense of mystery that the episodes incorporate, while also portraying the problems the arise when technology goes awry. In the Black Mirror poster for 'Nose Dive' for example, Rafael Barletta shows the protagonist headed off a cliff, as she loses control of her rating, which is of supreme importance in the episode.