This Meat Scarf Pattern is Perfect for Fans of the Popular Breakfast Food

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: & ohgizmo
If you simply cannot get enough of crispy bacon, perhaps this scarf pattern decked out to look like a real piece of the porky meat is just what your closet is missing. The scarf, known as the Fou Lard Bacon Scarf, looks so realistic you might even assume it's a giant piece of bacon.

Natalie Luder's scarves render its hyperrealistic aesthetic from being digitally printed. An image of a real slab of bacon is expertly aligned and printed onto the scarf's sheeny material. To make the shawl appear even more realistic, it is cut jaggedly to align precisely to the bacon's shape. The outer edges are then seamed with dark brown thread to replicate the bacon's crispy edges.

Consumers are showcasing their love for their favorite foods by incorporating the aesthetic into wearable fashion.