Pretend You're Day Job is Being a Director with the Film Clip Clutch

If you've always dreamed of being in the entertainment industry, whether it's on or off screen, this film clip clutch is for you.

This purse is perfectly disguised as a clapperboard; it's even rectangular and box-shaped and people won't be able to tell it's actually a purse. However, while it may appear to just be the perfect prop for you to yell, "Ready, Set Action!" or "Take One!" it's the perfect size to fit your essentials for a girls night out.

This chic film clip clutch will go perfectly with any outfit and it's also the perfect accessory for an aspiring actor, director or producer. While this purse is the perfect practice for living the glamorous Hollywood life, it's great for every day use or even to use as a statement piece to place on your dresser.