This Handbag Was Created by Debra Ansell and Features Flashing Lights

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: & treehugger
In an integration of fashion and technology, two handbags with flashing lights were created by Debra Ansell that can be customized to the user's discretion.

One of the designer's bags looks like a small beach purse and can be programmed to display flashing lights in the pattern that the designer or user wishes. The other bag is bucket-shaped and actually connects to Twitter so that anyone who uses the hashtag #wearables -- referencing wearable technology -- will have their Twitter handles appear in the form of LED lights on the bag.

The unique concept started as a personal project for the designer but proves the creativity that technology allows in something as simple as a fashion accessory. The handbags could help pave the way for more interesting and utilitarian fashions and accessories.