From Organic Oil Mascaras to SPF-Infused Cleansers

 - Oct 30, 2016
The top October 2016 personal care products include a ton of innovations within the realm of hygiene and beautification.

While consumers have become familiar with the forms in which products like makeup remover and toothpaste are offered, these personal care items are being reinvented. For instance, Ciate offers a Makeup Melter balm as an alternative to harsh alcohol-based cleansers, while Mint MCT Oil Toothpaste and the golden 'Bling!' Solid Toothpaste Tabs are unique teeth-cleaning alternatives.

Some of the most unique beauty products include ones that are powered by precious gems such as pearls and diamonds in powdered form. Other notable inventions include blotting papers that double as rolling papers for smoking, as well as skin sprays that are specifically meant to be used in a steam room.