de Mamiel's 'Altitude Oil' Naturally Prevents Transportation Sickness

 - Sep 22, 2016
References: demamiel & shop.goop
There is a great number of consumers that suffer from transportation sickness on airplanes, in cars or by boat and the 'Altitude Oil' by de Mamiel offers a natural way to soothe and calm the body by using essential oils. The blend contains an array of scents specifically chosen for their relaxation properties, as well as ones that help to boost the body's immunity.

Travelling via any sort of public transportation system can open consumers up to catching all sorts of viruses and ailments, while also causing added stress on the body. The 'Altitude Oil' includes lavender to calm the body, eucalyptus to open up lung airways, peppermint leaf to soothe aches and limoene to treat chest colds.