The Venus Amber Body Oil is Infused With Rose Quartz and Inspired by Aphrodite

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: shivarose & shop.goop
The Venus Amber body serum is a natural massage oil that is inspired by the fertility and beauty associated to with the goddess of love Aphrodite. The oil is creatively infused with rose quartz for the gemstone's affiliation with notions of amor and peace. The serum can be used all over the body and face to bring moisture, rejuvenation and sweet scents.

The formula draws on natural oils sourced from nuts and fruits to provide a hydrating and organic blend of thick serums to use on the body. These include almond, apricot and sandalwood as well as vitamin E oil to also help reduce the appearance of marks and scars on the body. Subtle hints of the pink rose quartz rock are added to give the blend a mystic ode to Aphrodite.