From Botanical Foot Creams to Watermelon Seed Oils

 - Sep 25, 2016
Some of the most innovative September 2016 personal care products that are new on the market include beard oils for men that take inspiration from cocktail bitters, edible sleep powders and anti-aging eyeshadow makeup palettes.

In terms of ingredients, some of the most interesting ones that are being used to power personal care products include ones from food like watermelon seed oil, as well as vibrant greens like aloe, broccoli and daikon. Creamy camel's milk is also being integrated into a number of skincare products as an inventive alternative to cow's milk.

To freshen themselves on the go, many busy consumers are gravitating towards ultra-portable personal care products such as EO's Organic Deodorant Wipes, Lush Cosmetics' solid mouthwash tabs and Flirt Flashes, a tool for applying false pairs of eyelashes.