Fable Naturals' Eco Cosmetics Packaging Can Be Returned to the Earth

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: fablenaturals
There are plenty of eco cosmetics on the market, but many of them are packaged in containers that are plastic often difficult to recycle. In contrast to the designs offered by the majority of cosmetic brands, Fable Naturals packages its lip balm products in 100% recycled paper that's compostable.

The packaging system is slightly different from most lip balm containers that consist of plastic twist-up systems topped with caps, featuring a cardboard paper tube that can be squeezed in order to dispense the product. Once the lip balm has been used, the empty tube can be placed in the compost and will degrade in a few weeks.

As for the lip balm products themselves, they are made with nourishing natural ingredients like cocoa butter and olive oil.