- Oct 19, 2017
These crowdfunded initiatives show the power of collective support when it comes to apps, art projects, social good campaigns, and branding efforts.

A social good campaign that's featured is Not Impossible Labs' accessible prosthetic limbs, which are offered through the facilitation of the collaborative efforts between creatives in the tech sphere. Another medically focused initiative is the 'Feverprints' app, which helps doctors to collect data on the sickness by allowing users to input information regarding their experiences.

For kombucha company Conscious Cultures, crowdsourcing has proven useful in helping it to rebrand its 'Barefoot Bucha' name, as it hosted a contest that gave fans the chance to suggest their own ideas. After going though the 500 entries that it received from the campaign, Conscious Cultures settled on the name 'Blue Ridge Bucha,' which references the mountains in the area that the beverages are produced.

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