The Nattr App Lets You Crowdsource Witty Responses to Texts

 - Mar 9, 2016
References: & theguardian
Nattr is a fun new texting app that allows you crowdsource smart and appropriate responses to text messages.

Let's face it, most of us have been in situations where we have received a text message from someone who sends our heart aflutter and then have to go about asking trusted friends how best to respond so as to not appear too easy, too desperate, too distant or what have you. Now, the Nattr texting app lets you get the opinions of random people on the Internet.

The app also lets you access texts suggested by personalities such as standup comedian Leah Knauer, if you're willing to pay up.

If you're a teenager or twenty-something and aren't confident about your text message flirting game, Nattr might be for you.