Barefoot Bucha Used Fan Input to Rebrand as Blue Ridge Bucha

 - Feb 17, 2017
References: blueridgebucha & bevnet
Instead of sitting down with its marketing team, the kombucha-making company Conscious Cultures decided to rely on fan input to change its Barefoot Bucha brand name. The result of the contest not only gave the brand a new identity, but also helped to create a more intimate connection between the company and its fans.

Conscious Cultures' rebranding efforts were initially spurred by a trademark infringement lawsuit, which forced the company to choose a new brand name. The company decided to run a contest to crowdsource a new name from fan entries. After pouring over more than 500 entries, the company decided to rebrand Barefoot Bucha as Blue Ridge Bucha.

The new name is a homage to the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are strongly associated with the location where the brand brews its kombucha. As company co-owner Kate Zuckerman explains, "We love that our community picked the name—it just feels right given our deep roots here."