The Architectour Books Curate the Best Urban Architecture

 - May 11, 2017
References: kickstarter & archdaily
Seeing the architecture is one of the most satisfying aspects of traveling to new cities, and the Architectour Guide tour books help people to get the most of the urban landscape during their travels. The hardcover books, currently being funded on Kickstarter, crowdsource local knowledge of cities to offer up the most authentic (and least consumeristic) tour experience possible.

Anyone with a fair bit of traveling under their belt will know the experience of purchasing a map or guidebook or going on a paid tour only to get a sadly surface-level look at a city. The Architectour Guide is designed to eliminate that. Each city book contains over 300 spots to visit, specific instructions on how to visit "not so accessible places," pro tips on how to pay less, and hundreds of spots for sketching or taking photographs.