'Late Shift' Lets the Theater's Audience Control the Narrative

 - Oct 17, 2017
References: lateshift-movie & theverge
Those who have been tempted to scream at the characters in a movie might find some solace in 'Late Shift' -- a new participatory cinematic experience in which the audience can vote and comment to control the narrative.

The story follows Matt, a young college student, who's been forced into participating in an auction house heist in London. As the story unravels, the main character is faced with several choices, which he depends on the audience to answer. Through an accompanied app, moviegoers are invited to vote on pivotal plot points, indicating whether Matt should trust, doubt, run, or fight the other characters in the film.

The film has seven different endings, with over 180 audience options to choose from. If no one in the theater participates, a director's cut of the film will play through.