This Peppermint Spray is Designed to Freshen Up Foot Odors

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: thebodyshop
People who have issues with excessive sweating will likely find use for this peppermint spray from The Body Shop.

Named 'Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray,' the cosmetic item does exactly as its title suggests. The spray is designed to freshen up feet that may be swollen, tired and sweaty from excessive heat or physical activity. The peppermint and menthol in the product both work to promote a cooling sensation in the feet, while the grape extract it contains has skin-smoothing and exfoliating effects. The resulting peppermint spray offers a quick solution to foot odor problems that is small enough that it can be kept on hand for emergencies.

This spray works towards reducing the potential embarrassment that could arise from having excessive body odor or sweating.