MMerci Encore's Invigorating Facial Mist Balances and Brighten's Skin

 - Aug 2, 2016
References: store.mmerciencore
Described as a product that "enlivens, tones and calms" one's skin, MMerci Encore's essential oil mist is naturally sourced and boasts no harsh or artificial additives. This easy-to-apply skincare solution works as a lightweight spray and is made from a blend of rose essential oils and chamomile ingredients.

In addition to hydrating dry and tired skin, MMerci Encore's product is also ideal for healing sun burns and helping users reduce redness. The Singapore-based brand's organic and alcohol-free spray is perfect for everyday use and is also a convenient remedy while traveling to exotic destinations that may result in time spent out in the sun.

This essential oil mist is proven to improve skin's overall appearance and is an organic product that is inspired by age-old natural remedies -- appealing to consumers seeking skincare that is both chemical-free and effective.