This Powder Staves Off Excessive Odor and Fungal Infections

 - Aug 26, 2016
References: lush
This foot deodorizing powder, called 'T for Toes,' is offered by the cosmetics brand Lush at a price that is very affordable.

Rather than simply working to cover up foot odor, the powder actually helps to prevent excessive moisture and other foot-related skin conditions. The powder contains tea tree oil which gives it its scent and also has anti-fungal properties, while lime oil works to freshen up the feet. The deodorizing powder is made with clay and sodium bicarbonate -- allowing for excellent absorption of sweat and moisture. The product works by being sprinkled onto the toes or directly into shoes before going out.

This powder helps to prevent excessive sweat and as a result reduces the discomfort and embarrassment faced by those who experience it.