These Organic Skincare Products Come in Recycled Brown Glass Bottles

The Thai cosmetics company Siam Botanicals is selling a set of everyday skincare products packaged in recycled brown glass bottles and a handcrafted paper gift box. While the packaging may be made from second-hand materials, the set still boasts a beautiful aesthetic that makes it indistinguishable from many luxury brands.

The Everyday Face Care Set from Siam Botanicals is a comprehensive kit that contains everyday products such as face wash and face serum. All of the products are made from natural and organic ingredients and this ethos is carried over into the brand's packaging. All of the skincare products are packaged in recycled brown glass bottles that boast a luxurious vintage design. The entire set is also sold in a handcrafted box made from delicate mulberry paper.

The eco-friendly packaging for Siam Botanicals' Everyday Face Care Set is likely to appeal to consumers who are looking for eco-friendly products that are still beautiful enough to put on display.