Ciate's Nail Polish Removers Leave Behind Pleasing Chocolate Scents

 - Sep 2, 2016
References: us.ciatelondon
Most beauty consumers have come to associate nail polish removers with the unpleasant smell of acetone, a solvent that's included in the product to break down colored paints. The nail polish pots that are offered Ciate set themselves apart on the market by taking on a variety of luxurious chocolate scents.

Alongside leaving behind the aroma of chocolate, these Ciate nail polish remover products are enriched with vitamins and hydrating marula oil to care for nails, rather than leave them feeling stripped and dry.

Aside from its unique ingredient list and fragranced format, the travel-size Dark, Mint, Orange and White Chocolate 'Choc Pots' from Ciate also set themselves apart by coming in small containers rather than liquid-filled bottles, as most other nail polish removers do.