Mirai Clinical's Skincare Range References Historic Beauty Rituals

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: miraiclinical
Mirai Clinical's organically sourced skincare collection consists of face and body care products that include persimmon bath and face soaps.

Used for centuries as a natural beauty remedy in Asia, persimmon is often a key ingredient in detoxifying tea blends and skincare that purifies while promoting a natural glow. Furthermore, the fruit is used to give bath and face care products a delicate and refreshing fragrance, making it a popular alternative to artificially scented deodorants.

A traditional beauty staple of Japanese Geisha, this natural ingredient continues to dominate Asian skincare as is prevalent with Mirai Clinical's presimmon bath and face soaps. The products are not only synonymous with quality but also feature no harsh preservatives, making them ideal for the eco-conscious consumer.