This Device is Rolled Up and Down the Face and Neck to Increase Blood Flow

 - Sep 9, 2016
References: lingskincare & lingskincare
Inspired by the practices of ancient Chinese royalty who used skin rollers to "draw out negative Qi," the device designed by Ling Skincare was made to help refine the texture of the face and neck by increasing blood circulation and therefore decreasing the visibility of fine lines.

Made entirely out of precious jade stone, the skin rollers are a luxurious accessory for consumers who are looking for a useful product that helps to benefit their overall beauty regimen.

Aside from the aforementioned tasks, the skin rollers can also aid in applying creams and masks to the face and neck, as the design ensures that it goes into the skin a little deeper. In using the face rollers, consumers are granted a subtle massage that naturally enhances the skins appearance, allowing them to receive a spa-like treatment in the comfort of their homes.