Milk Makeup's Sunshine Oil Comes in a Convenient Pen Format

 - Sep 2, 2016
References: milkmakeup
Sun protection products come in a number of forms, including creams, sprays and wipes, but 'Sunshine Oil' from Milk Makeup is in a category of its own.

This skin-protecting product is packaged in a rollerball format, which means that it's easy to apply the oil-based product to the skin in precise areas. The product itself is made from a nourishing blend of citrus oil ingredients, including grapeseed, tangerine peel and mandarin and grapefruit. Milk Makeup notes that its oil blend is ideal for enhancing the hydration and brightness of skin, but it is not a tanning oil or a substitute for SPF.

Now that many consumers are embracing the use of all-natural skincare oils, ultra-portable packaging designs like this one help to ensure that the liquid products can be transported with ease and without the mess.