The Common Good Laundry Lavender Suds Cleans With Essential Oils

 - Sep 22, 2016
References: commongoodandco & shop.goop
There are many harsh chemicals that can be found within household cleaning products, which is why this lavender laundry soap by Common Good creatively offers a formula made exclusively from essential oils. The oils naturally remove dirt, grim and stains from clothing to provide a refreshing clean and sweet scent without relying on detergents.

The soap is made using a mix of natural acids sourced from ingredients such as lemon and coconut that is paired with lavender essential oil. The acidic agents breakdown dirt naturally, while the lavender aroma provides a soft and refreshing scent that lingers on clothing. The lack of chemicals renders this laundry soap safe on the skin -- especially for consumers that undergo irritation from overly scented products. Despite the lack of detergent, the lavender soap provides an equally as effective clean.