From Fast Food Social Apps to Branded T-Shirt Challenges

 - Dec 20, 2016
These rewarding social media innovations range from branded t-shirt challenges to fan-crafted pizza contests. While Oasis promised a Twitter fan a two month supply of its product if they wore a branded tee for an entire month, MOD Pizza allowed foodies to create a signature new flavor, with the winning recipe added to its menu.

Other standouts to take note of include KFC's 'Friendship Bucket Test' campaign which chronicled how well friends knew one another while encouraging fan-made videos and social media shares with the same theme. Additional loyalty examples include Toyota's signature Lollapalooza Snapchat filter which was used to invite 50,000 concert goers to a secret show at the popular music festival.

These rewarding social media innovations are targeting younger audiences in a way that is authentic and instant, making them a smart marketing move for brands looking to foster relationships with Gen Z and Millennials.