'Pay Your Selfie' is a Free App That Pays Users for Taking Selfies

'Pay Your Selfie' is an innovative new app that has found a way to monetize taking selfies. The Startup has created a variety of assignments for users which reward each selfie with a dollar. The app teamed up with a variety brands to ask participants to take a selfie at various locations or with certain products, which brands hope can provide data on consumer behavior. Some of these assignments ask users to take a selfie "with a Coke" or "in a Freshii restaurant," which is easy money for users but valuable insight for brands.

Once a user reaches 20 dollars in their piggy bank, Pay Your Selfie rewards them with a cheque. In the age of social media, brands are attempting to find ways to infiltrate the user-generated world. Brands are trying to find new avenues to show up on social media feeds -- a place most young people are constantly frequenting.