The #DDCoffeeJoy Contest Asked Customers to Share Dunkin' Donuts Moments

Last year, Dunkin' Donuts launched a special holiday campaign called the #DDCoffeeJoy Photo and Video Contest, which encouraged customers to share their favorite holiday moments on social media. The contest not only helped the brand promote its holiday beverages and food, but also gave consumers a fun way to make Dunkin' Donuts a part of their holiday celebrations.

The #DDCoffeeJoy Photo and Video Contest was launched last November as a way to give "fans an opportunity to show just how their favorite coffee brings them joy throughout the season." Those wishing to participate in the contest were asked to share pictures and videos of their favorite holiday moments involving Dunkin' Donuts Coffee on social media using the hashtags #DDCoffeeJoy and #Contest. The images were then displayed online and several lucky winners were rewarded with JetBlue travel certificates, as well as Dunkin' mGifts.