The 'Hydr' Shower Faucet Cuts Water Usage in Half

 - Mar 14, 2017
References: yankodesign
Water conservation is beginning to become an even more important topic to ensuring that we can enough clean water to sustain our lifestyles, so new products are being designed like the 'Hydr' shower faucet to offer a solution.

Designed by Giulio Duput-Urisari, the 'Hydr' faucet is a handheld shower that cuts water usage in half and ensures that users aren't inhibited by this reduction in water consumption. The handheld shower faucet features a base that it locks into to instantly turn the water off when docked and on when removed.

The 'Hydr' faucet aims to be a stylish and functional fixture for the home in order to make water waste less of a problem in the shower. This could also come in handy for those who pay for water based on how much they use to save money at the same time.