The Sengled Pulse Sound System is Ideal for Living Rooms and Garages

 - Mar 24, 2017
References: ca.sengled & theglobeandmail
Sengled Pulse is another light bulb in the Sengled brand's collection that offers more features than simply producing light.

The bulb has a wireless connection through the use of Bluetooth technology. It functions as both a lighting system as well as a speaker system. The Sengled Pulse is described as producing "invisible high quality sound in plain sight." The product can be controlled through an app, and the LED bulb's themselves are highly energy efficient. The product would be ideal for living room setups, or for people who work in their garages and may require some entertainment while doing so.

Sengled Pulse lightbulbs' multifunctional qualities and ease of use make them easy to both install and use in the home.