- Apr 30, 2017
These April 2017 luxury trends incorporate extravagant fashion pieces, super cars, stunning retirement villages, jewelry, fine alcohol, and more.

In time for Easter, VeryFirstTo made a white diamond egg available, which can be worn as a pendant on one's neck, be used as a lavish home accessory, and hold two small portraits in the frames that are included inside. 60-karat diamonds encrust the entire exterior of the egg, making for a price tag that matches its luxurious appearance,

An unconventional pair of heels from Gucci are also featured in these April 2017 luxury trends. Although the heels themselves aren't obscure, the flesh-toned latex socks that they can be worn with them are. With a zippered side, the strange socks fit tightly to one's calves, keeping feet from getting cold and bringing an eye-catching element to the design.

From Custom Horse Hair Cars to Aged Alcohol Timepieces: