The Arlo Skye Audi Carry-on Pays a Quiet Tribute to German Engineering

 - Mar 22, 2017
References: arloskye & airows
The Arlo Skye Audi carry-on is the definition of subtlety. Design-focused luggage company Arlo Skye teamed up with Audi to put a slight twist on its smart carry-on. Unlike some other automakers, the German company chose not to slap its logos all over the place. Instead, the only hint that this piece of Arlo Skye luggage was created in partnership with Audi is its red stitching.

That red color is a signature of Audi's and appears in many of its cars. The Arlo Skye Audi carry-on is notable in that it takes a true fan of the company's cars to make the connection and realize the collaboration. This exercise in cross-branding isn't exactly the norm yet but don't be shocked if it starts to become more mainstream, especially among companies that sweat design details.