QikVin Prevents Opened Wine Bottles from Succumbing to Oxidation

 - Dec 19, 2016
References: qikvin & kickstarter
QikVin is a method for preserving wine to the exact conditions it was in when it was opened (or after it has "breathed" for the appropriate amount of time.) Through the use of physics and some clever ingenuity, QikVin is a great way to savor one's fine wines.

There's no question that fine wine is a dignified treat, but all too often it can go to waste simply because people have consumed their fill. At a dinner party where several bottles get opened, liters of wine might end up getting wasted when they aren't finished by the end of the evening. The QikVin bottle can keep this minor tragedy from taking place.

The bottle is equipped with a one-way valve in the neck and an airtight sliding piston in its base. After pouring wine from the original bottle into the QikVin, consumers push up the piston so that the wine is now tightly sealed. As one pours out of the QikVin bottle, the piston slides upward and gets held in place from the force of air pressure, preventing any oxidation.