From Unique Alcohol Infusions to Beer-Pairing Snacks

 - Nov 27, 2016
The top alcohol ideas in November 2016 reveal some physical spaces related to alcohol, as well as some dynamic alcohol infusions.

The upcoming 'Brew: The Museum' will function as a space in which lovers of beer are able to learn about its roots, history and the rise of the craft beer culture that has been seen in recent years. Another example of interesting physical spaces in relation to alcohol consumption is the 'Make Time For It' pub, which is a six by eight-foot space that offers visitors a unique space to enjoy beer without the distraction of their mobile devices.

A particularly dominant pattern that can be seen in November relating to alcohol consumption is the infusion of the substance with unexpected ones. This can be seen in the form of marijuana-infused wine, beer-kambucha hybrids, whiskey-infused popcorn and chardonnay, merlot and beer-infused cotton candy.