Krysp Orchard Distillery Spirit Bottles are Branded Like Apples

The Krysp Orchard Distillery spirit bottles look to draw the comparison between the packaging and the premium alcohol within. A conceptual product lineup created by student Michael Guite of the University of Wisconsin, Krysp Orchard Distillery alcohols are created using apples as the base starch.

The Krysp Orchard Distillery spirits are created using apples with Honeycrisp for the rum, Golden Delicious for the vodka and Granny Smith for the gin. Each one is packaged in spirit bottles that feature cork toppers that feature a cross-sectioned apple on the top to convey the inherently natural beginnings of the alcohol.

The Krysp Orchard Distillery branding, albeit focused on the natural ingredients within, also has a certain apothecary aesthetic to it thanks to the somewhat rigid bottle design utilized.