The Convenient Apero Wine Opener is the First of Its Kind

 - Oct 10, 2016
References: kickstarter
The 'Apero' wine opener is the first in the world to use nitrous oxide in order to uncork wine bottles.

The convenient device has many benefits, the first of which is ease of use -- rather than having to use physical strength in order to pry out the cork of a wine bottle, those using the Apero will see the cork come out with very little effort. It features a simple, sleek design as well as a retracting base that allows users to push out the cork with ease. The charger of the device uses nitrous oxide to pull out the corks from the bottles with ease and each of the two chargers the Apero comes with can open between 80-100 bottles.

This simple device is perfect for wine aficionados who wish to simplify the bottle-opening process.