This Tadafusa Store in Japan Boasts a Custom-Built Shelving System

 - Mar 17, 2016
References: dezeen
This Tadafusa store is a stunning environment in which to display the range of handcrafted knives produced by the Japanese brand. Located in the city of Sanjo in Japan's Niigata Prefecture, the Tadafusa store boasts unfinished concrete walls that are contrasted with a custom-built wooden shelving system that takes on the appearance of a lattice. Known for its history in blacksmithing, the city of Sanjo is a clever place for the Tadafusa.

Realized by Tokyo designer Yusuke Seki, the ultramodern Tadafusa store in Sanjo demonstrates the progression toward highly curated, minimalist interiors that feel almost austere in nature, but that champion the quality of the product by merchandising it in a way that recalls contemporary art.

The interior wooden shelving system has been designed to resemble the intricacies of thread woven deeply.