This Moncler Boutique Recently Opened at Taipei 101 Mall

 - Jan 13, 2016
This rustic Moncler boutique recently opened its doors inside the iconic Taipei 101 shopping mall in the Taiwanese capital. Considered a landmark and the city's premier shopping destination, Taipei 101 Mall is home to plenty of high-end brands and an array of stunning architectural retail spaces.

Characterized by its ultra-luxurious flooring, the store boasts mahogany furnishings and back-lit marble shelving that appears especially bright when next to the dark, rich wood.

The Moncler boutique in Taipei marks the French-Italian brand's expansion into the Asian market that began with their first store in Taiwan at the Taipei Shi Kong Mall. The brand, known for its down jackets and sportswear, also has shops in Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, and Taichung.