This Themed Dinner Party Involved an Immersive Atmosphere

 - Jan 12, 2016
References: wearelazysusan & wearelazysusan
A Manchester-based drinking and dining club called 'Lazy Susan' recently held a themed dinner party inspired by 1920 Paris and absinthe. While many restaurants choose food or decor based on a bygone era, this eatery went one step further by recreating different elements of the past.

In April of 2015, Lazy Susan held its 'Underground Paris' event. In keeping with the Belle Époque theme, the restaurant was transformed into a drinking den reminiscent of the haunts visited by Vincent Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde. Once inside, guests were treated to a five-course meal inspired by classic French cuisine. Guests were also given absinthe-based cocktails and fine wines from visiting sommeliers. To complete the transformation, each guest was encouraged to wear feathers, fur and other garments characteristic of the era.

The themed dinner party demonstrates how restaurants can offer a communal dining adventure by creating an immersive environment.