This Restaurant Prepares Each Meal in Front of Diners

 - Jan 12, 2016
References: theatredamfino
'Table of Delights' is a unique project that explores the concept of open-kitchen dining. In recent years, many consumers have sought greater transparency from restaurants. This event allows diners to see how their food is prepared by providing an immersive and educational dining experience.

Table of Delights is a unique project that combines food and theater. Over the course of five different acts, diners are treated to stories about the journey of the ingredients used in the dishes they are about to receive. The meals are prepared directly on stage, which results in a unique take on open-kitchen dining. While some performances are child-friendly, there are also adult-targeted shows that explore alcohol in addition to food.

The idea behind the project is to offer complete culinary transparency while also entertaining guests with an immersive dining experience.