'BottleDog' Sells DIY Brewing Tools and Ready-Made Beer

 - Jan 14, 2016
References: brewdog
BrewDog recently opened 'BottleDog,' a new beer shop in London that makes it easier for people in the city to access take-home beer. The shop specializes in carrying craft beer in bottles and cans, plus it even has a station where growlers can be filled on-demand.

BottleDog urges consumers to forget what they know about "dusty, dimly-lit off licences stockpiling beers of varying provenance." In addition to stocking more than 250 beers from guest breweries, the store is also a space where consumers can pick up a variety of brewing equipment, ingredients and knowledge from the store's staff. This unusual format of the store makes it like a hybrid of a traditional liquor store and a brewery.