The Viking TurboChef Oven Unit Can Cook Foods 15 Times Faster

 - Jan 21, 2016
References: vikingrange & digitaltrends
As consumer seek to simplify meal prepping and reduce the time spent on making homemade meals without compromising on health, appliance brand Viking Grange has put together the Viking TurboChef oven unit that can cook foods much faster than conventional ovens. The device features a slew of added high-tech features that conveniently speed up the cooking process, saving consumers on time.

The Viking TurboChef oven unit is designed with one purpose in mind: to reduce the time spent cooking foods. The unit provides two different ovens with incredibly powerful heating units that take roughly six minutes to preheat and even less time to prepare foods. The appliance can cook meals 15 times faster than a standard oven, saving on time and effort without compromising on flavor or quality.