The Mono Softmesh Stainless Steel Cloth is Ideal for Scrubbing

 - Jan 19, 2016
References: fitzsu & thegreenhead
A preference for hygienic forms of cleaning is seeing consumers opt for products like the Mono Softmesh Stainless Steel Cleaning Cloth. The metallic nature of the Mono Softmesh allows it to be great for scrubbing, but also for staying clean itself. The product is easily washed and dried, and won't encourage the growth of bacteria because of the stainless steel construction.

The soft design aesthetic of the cleaning cloth allows it to be touch on pots and pans without scratching surfaces. Best of all, the Mono Softmesh Stainless Steel Cloth won't rust, corrode, mold or hold smells, which makes it more hygienic than other products on the market when it comes to cleaning. An incorporated gusset allows the cloth to be hung to dry on a standard towel hook.