The Spoonbox Scoops Ingredients Into a Vial for Zero Spillage

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: stiplastics & core77
For cooks who often lose half their ingredients to spillage, these measuring spoons offer a permanent solution.

The Spoonbox is an innovative measuring spoon that collects ingredients into a special vial rather than trying to balance them on a rounded surface -- which as any clumsy baker knows, often leads to baking powder avalanches. Spoonbox measuring spoons are based on the measuring spoon model that pharmacists have used for years. The scoop-like mouth of the Spoonbox leads to a vial with lines like those on a measuring cup. Bakers and cooks simply scoop or pour their ingredient until it reaches the correct line, avoiding mess and measuring with accuracy. Then they can easily transfer the contents of the measuring spoon to their recipe.