From Connected Cooking Equipment to Microwave Pizza Pans

 - Nov 28, 2015
The top November 2015 kitchen ideas question the efficiency of products that many consumers have come to know and love. For instance, innovations like solar-powered barbecues, spill-proof measuring spoons and lockable knife blocks offer a one-up on designs that came before.

In keeping with this theme, highly specialized kitchen appliances are also appearing in the homes of consumers, suited from everything to cooking tempeh to brewing the perfect cup of matcha tea and even reheating a slice of pizza in the microwave.

A playful theme that's also being readily adopted it the kitchen is the theme of weaponry, seen in items like slingshot-inspired mugs and nutcrackers, as well as bottle openers in the shape of a shark's jaw. Oven mitts, cookers and cutting boards shaped like Star Wars characters are also becoming hot commodities as the release of the newest film from the franchise draws near.