This Fridge Doesn't Need Electricity to Keep Food Cold

A group of students from the University of Calgary recently designed an eco-friendly fridge that does not require electricity to keep food cold. Although refrigerators are great for preserving food, they require a great deal of energy to run. This sustainable fridge offers an alternative way of keeping perishables fresh and unspoiled.

The 'WindChill' is a sustainable fridge that draws inspiration from the standard root cellar. The eco-friendly fridge uses the natural cooling effect of the ground to keep food cold. The device actively draws in air and then uses the natural cooling effect of evaporating fluid to preserve the perfect temperature. The result is an energy-free system that helps preserve food.

The system is not only energy efficient, but it is also inexpensive to produce. The advantages of the unit mean that it could dramatically change the way that rural communities store perishable food items.