The Tea Bag Slingshot Mug Helps Squeeze Every Drop Out of the Bag

 - Oct 22, 2015
References: toxel
It can be a difficult (and sometimes, scorching) task to get those last few drops of tea out of the tea bag before discarding it, so the Tea Bag Slingshot Mug is here to help make the most of every cup. Innovatively designed to feature a handle with a slotted top, the Tea Bag Slingshot Mug allows users to grip the string attached to the bag, slide it through the corresponding curvature on the handle and pull gently; this will ultimately release the remaining tea to savor every sip.

Designed by Samir Sufi, the Tea Bag Slingshot Mug will also place the tea bag up and out of the water to prevent over-brewing while not having to make you search for a spot to place the hot bag.